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 PC Troubleshooting and Laptop Repair - Fix Computer Hardware Problems

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PostSubject: PC Troubleshooting and Laptop Repair - Fix Computer Hardware Problems   Thu Oct 27, 2011 10:37 pm

PC Troubleshooting and Laptop Repair - Fix Computer Hardware Problems

Satu laptop kegagalan yang memperbaiki biasanya layak adalah hard drive.
Laptop hard drive memiliki tingkat kegagalan lebih tinggi daripada hard
drive desktop, assumedly karena mereka mendapatkan terpental sekitar
lebih saat beroperasi. Notebook hard drive komputer datang dalam dua
rasa - mereka yang mudah didapat, hanya satu sekrup atau bahkan slide
dalam komoditas, dan orang-orang yang mengharuskan Anda untuk membuka
laptop Anda. Ini Sony VAIO laptop hard drive perbaikan salah satu dari
dua. Salah satu dari beberapa upgrade Anda benar-benar bisa melakukan
pada komputer notebook adalah memori, dan kemudian hanya jika maksimum
tidak diinstal. upgrade memori biasanya cukup sepele, memberikan Anda
membeli komponen upgrade yang benar. Sebuah memori 256 MB upgrade laptop
Toshiba dijelaskan. Notebook LCD layar komputer jarang mengalami
kerusakan elektronik, layar redup atau kegagalan untuk bekerja sama
sekali biasanya disebabkan oleh inverter, lampu latar atau video
controller. Namun, terkadang layar akan retak, atau LCD dikembangkan
pixe buruk begitu banyak

PC Topics

Laptop Topics

PC troubleshooting and repair
Troubleshooting PC hardware can be quite a challenge for the unitiated, even
with the help of books, web resources, etc. Troubleshooting skills tend to
come with experience and training, and if you don't have any, it's tough
to know where to start. I'll cover some of the most basic things to check
before delving into the case, and then I'll refer you to the troubleshooting
flowcharts and illustrated repairs on my other website.
Laptop Repair and Troubleshooting
In some ways, laptop repair and troubleshooting is easier than PC
troubleshooting. The reason is that laptops are so highly integrated that
many problems you can fix on a PC require replacing the mainboard of a laptop,
which is not cost effective on second hand models. Replacing the battery
is often a solution to power related problems (though costly), but repairing
the charging circuitry is beyond the average home user.
Should I Buy a Second Hand PC?
The short answer is it's worth the software installed on the hard drive,
even though transferring the ownership of the software may be legally
questionable. The value of the hardware itself is near zero, whatever the
previous owner paid for it, unless it's a recent model (less than two years
old) PC that was very high-end (more that $2500) when it was purchased. In
that case, it may be worth $250. More...
Buying a Used Laptop
I wish I could tell you that you can save a ton of money buying a second
hand laptop, but you can't. You can only save a ton of money if somebody
gives you a hand-me-down laptop for free. The main reason is that used laptops
command a high price with uneducated shoppers, who keep the market inflated.
You can buy a brand new notebook from a name brand manufacturers like Toshiba,
Dell or HP for $500 most weeks, just by shopping for a closeout model with
rebates. More...
How to upgrade PC hardware
Upgrading a PC is much easier than upgrading a laptop from the standpoint
of getting the case open. The parts are much cheaper, easier to install and
extremely compatible, unlike notebook parts which are usually brand and model
specific. Even Dell, HP and eMachines computers can be upgraded. The main
problem with upgrading a used PC is drawing the line between replacing a
couple parts and building a new one. More...
How to upgrade an old laptop computer
There are a few upgrades you can make to a used laptop computer that will
really improve the value and your ability to run software and actually use
the thing. The good news is that as long as your laptop has USB 1.1 or better
connectivity, you can use pretty much the same peripherals as brand new
notebooks. The bad news is if your laptop doesn't have any USB ports it's
going to be a challenge doing anything new with it.
Computer Repair Training and Teacher

Back in the day, training to repair computers was strictly on-the-job. There
weren't any college courses or textbooks for teachers and students. Today,
computer and laptop repair are taught in vocational schools and institutes
in addition to colleges. Books like Rosenthal's diagnostic flowcharts help
speed training and provide teaching materials for IT education.
Extending Laptop Battery Life
Many new laptop users are disappointed to find that their battery life doesn't
even come near the rosy estimates of the manufacturer. That's especially
true with older notebooks, whether the batteries are also used or have been
sitting in the laptop on the shelf for a year. You can extend the life of
your laptop battery by managing the power settings, and it also results in
quieter operation.. More...

I've published two books of troubleshooting flowcharts for training computer
repair technicians and hobbyists to diagnose and fix computer hardware problems,
with interactive versions on my other website for
computer repair. I've
also done a whole series of illustrated pages for
replacing PC components
for either upgrades or repairs. These pages will be linked directly from
the text, as will the pages for
laptop repair. The books
are used in college and government programs for training technicians, and
are even more popular with hobbyists and do-it-yourselfers looking to improve
their diagnostic skills. The laptop book takes a more holistic approach than
the PC book, and discusses the financial trade-off between repairing and
replacing laptops, and simply bypassing failed laptop hardware with USB devices.
Now, there are millions of second hand laptops on the market, though they
are almost always overpriced in comparison to simply
finding a deal on a new
. The basic approach of the New Hand-Me-Down PC will be to treat
used notebooks and desktop computers separately, but to cover the same issues:
what are they good for, what are they worth, can they be upgraded and how
to repair them.


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PC Troubleshooting and Laptop Repair - Fix Computer Hardware Problems

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